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Bio Extratus Tutano Capillary Oil is a treatment that provides restoration and recovery of the hair in a practical and fast way, controlling the unruly hair.
It was exclusively developed for dry, devitalized and bulky hair. Penetrates inside the hair fiber providing nourishing revitalization preventing them from drying out. In addition, it recovers the natural moisture of the hair, reducing the volume and resulting in curled hair.
Bio Extratus Tutano Capillary Oil has vitamin E that helps in strengthening and rescuing the hair’s health. Result of soft, well-behaved and full of life hair.

How to use: There are several ways to use Bio Extratus Tutano Capillary Oil on hair to leave it more hydrated and shiny.
• With capillary mask To increase hydration even more, when making the capillary mask at home, add the equivalent of 1 real coin of your favorite oil to the mixture. The oil will further reinforce the effect of the mask.
• Before the dryer It will protect the wires from high temperature from the heat of the dryer.
• Before flat iron In addition to protecting hair from heat it also helps to speed drying.
• In dry or damp hair In damp hair the oil will regenerate the hair fiber, giving it shine and discipline, while in dry hair it serves as a tip repairer, giving shine and attenuating frizz.

About the brand: Bio Extratus is a 100% Brazilian company born out of a passion for beauty and nature. Its cosmetics are formulated with raw materials of proven quality and high concentration of natural assets. Before reaching the market, all products are dermatologically tested and approved, guaranteeing safety and meeting the expectations of the most demanding consumers. The extensive line of Bio Extratus products is present throughout the national territory, part of the United States and Europe, and can be found in the best pharmacies, drugstores, supermarkets, beauty salons and stores specialized in cosmetics. Since its foundation, the industry has offered the market the aromas and the recognized benefits of its environmentally friendly cosmetics, concerned with the well-being, health and beauty of this and future generations.


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