Bio Extratus Blond Conditioner

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The Bio Extratus Blond Bioreflex Conditioner promotes deep hydration and nutrition, involving the hair from root to tip, acting on the internal structure of the strands.
Its exclusive formula provides the progressive unmaking of the threads, untangling them and returning the emollience to the hair. In addition, it protects and recovers the color from damage caused by discoloration, restoring health and natural shine to the hair.

– Noni: Reconstructor, regulator, antioxidant and emollient that acts and protects hair color;
– Cereal Amino Acids: Repairs internal and external damage, smooths the texture and nourishes the hair;
– Bioreflex: Active optical technology that enhances the diffuse reflection of white light and has a high capacity to neutralize the yellowing of the wires.

Result: Bright, hydrated and healthy hair

How to use: With clean and damp hair, apply the Bio Extratus Blond Bioreflex Conditioner strand by strand in length and ends, massaging gently from the root to the ends. Leave on for a few minutes and rinse.

About the Brand: In 1997 our production was no longer handmade, we were a micro-company with an increasingly strong brand and our market expanded. It was during this period that the boldness and vision of the owners overcame their fear of difficulties and encouraged the construction of a new factory, located in the municipality of Alvinópolis, 170 km from the capital of Minas Gerais. In August 1998, Extratus Produtos Naturais changed its name to Bio Extratus Cosméticos Naturais. ” As a growth strategy, the brand prioritizes the quality of its products and a relationship that values ​​the opinion-forming public – the hairdressers. Bio Extratus has been present throughout the country since the beginning of the 90s, with a line that grows and diversifies each year.


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