Kit Bio extratus Post Chemical Avocado And Jojoba Bio extratus

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Bio Extratus sought inspiration in a tradition of popular Brazilian culture and combined the moisturizing power of avocado and jojoba to create a line that restores and protects your hair from damage.
The Post Chemical Avocado and Jojoba Bio Extratus Shampoo provides intense nutrition and deep damage repair.
The Post Chemical Conditioner Avocado and Jojoba Bio Extratus conditions and fights dryness, aligning the cuticles and helping to restore the hydration of the hair.
The Bio Extratus Post Chemical Avocado Cream Bath and Jojoba has a highly nourishing formula, for intensive treatment of restoration and hydration. It forms a hydroprotective shield over the hair fiber. Assists in replenishing water and nutrients, completing the restorative treatment. It has thermoprotection and sunscreen, which can be used to brush, or to dry the hair naturally.


After washing your hair with shampoo, apply the conditioner along the entire length of the hair, massaging gently.

For deep hydration, use the conditioner after the Cream Bath step.

Let stand for 1 to 2 minutes. Rinse.

Apply the Finisher on damp hair and distribute it along the locks, especially on the most damaged tips and regions.

Do not rinse.


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