BIOREFLEX Blond Finisher Bio Extratus

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The BIOREFLEX Blond Finisher offers intensive protection, restoring the health and natural luminosity of the hair. With its formula enriched with conditioning ingredients, it combines the reconstructive power of cereal amino acids with the antioxidant action of noni extract, protecting the color and recovering the damage caused by discoloration, in addition to having sunscreen.

– Noni: Reconstructor, regulator, antioxidant and emollient that acts and protects hair color;
– Cereal Amino Acids: Repairs internal and external damage, smooths the texture and nourishes the hair;
– Bioreflex: Active optical technology that enhances the diffuse reflection of white light and has a high capacity to neutralize the yellowing of the wires.

Result: Bright, hydrated and healthy hair

How to use: Apply along the entire length of the wires, especially on the most damaged tips and regions. Brush your hair or let it dry naturally.
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