Bio Extratus Blond Bioreflex Dyeing Mask

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The Bio Extratus Blond Bioreflex Dyeing Mask was developed to deeply treat the hair, providing intensive hydration and nutrition to the hair, while its advanced formula promotes progressive dyeing.
In addition, its action protects the color and recovers from damage caused by discoloration, restoring health, and restoring the natural shine of the hair.

– Noni: Reconstructor, regulator, antioxidant and emollient that acts and protects hair color;
– Cereal Amino Acids: Repairs internal and external damage, smooths the texture and nourishes the hair;
– Bioreflex: Active optical technology that enhances the diffuse reflection of white light and has a high capacity to neutralize the yellowing of the wires.

Result: Bright, hydrated and healthy hair

Directions for use: Apply the Bio Extratus De-yellowing Mask to the length and ends, massaging strand by strand. Leave on for 10 minutes and rinse.


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